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Both Given Highest Rating of 5 Cows by Tucows
BINGO BUDDIES is a fun way to enjoy Bingo by yourself or with the entire family. Your objective is to first play against your three Bingo Buddies in order to accumulate some cash for your bankroll in order to play in other locations. In the Bingo Buddies room you only play your three Bingo Buddies who only have one card each. However, you can play up to three cards and have a 50% chance of winning. Great odds here and it will not take you long to win and have the choice to travel to the other locations where you play against more people and have bigger jackpots. Bingo Buddies is fun for all.
BINGO BUDDIES PRO is the sequel to our popular Bingo Buddies Game. Once again you start out playing against your three Bingo Buddies in order to accumulate cash for your bankroll. Now you can travel to nine exciting destination like Paris, Rome or even China to play different types of bingo with well over 50 unique game patterns. Can you make the top ten all time Bingo Jackpot Scoreboard? Bingo Buddies Pro is for all Bingo lovers young and old!
KENO BUDDIES is a fun way to enjoy Keno with your two virtual Keno buddies. The game of keno uses 80 balls numbered 1 thru 80. In each game the house draws 20 (or 21) balls at random and your objective is to guess some of the the numbers that will be drawn. Payouts for each game are determined by the numbers of balls guessed correctly against the numbers selected. Travel to 9 exotic locations with different types of games like Powerball, Wild Ball and Keno 21. The game is packed with features and contains many funny buddy comments too. Can you beat your Keno Buddies?
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